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Complete self-hosted help desk and knowledgebase software for small businesses, professionals and freelancers

Deliver smooth customer support through email and live chat and enable your customers to help themselves with completely brandable knowledgebase portals.

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Full Help is a Help Desk & Knowledgebase software for your business that you pay for just once and install on your own server.

Full control of your data

Hosting the software on your own server gives you complete control over the data of your company and customers. No one has access to it unless you explicitly give them access.

One time payment with optional license renewal

You pay for the software once and use it forever. Get access to upgrades for a full year after the purchase date. Renew only if you want to continue having access to new releases and updates.

A single support center for all your companies

Use the same help desk instance for all your companies and projects. A single login or account allows you to have all your companies on board.

Get started in minutes

If you already know how to install Wordpress, Magento or any other CMS, you have everything you need to get up and running in minutes.

Better branding & integration

Use the Restful API to integrate your own websites and systems. All knowledgebase portals have full theming support, which means you can fully customize the look & feel of each site and fully match your brand.

Free installation

Full Help is pretty easy to install. However, we get that it may be daunting to some, this is why we are happy to offer free installation! Simply let us know after your purchase, and we'll install it for you.

The software at a glance

The tools you need to deliver smooth customer support.
And continues growing.

Messaging & Conversations

Talk to your customers using clean and simple email messages or a live chat that fallbacks to email when your customer isn't present.



Easily organize your conversations into multiple mailboxes or departments. A mailbox is just an email address where your customers can reach out to you, either by chat or email.

Bring your team

Invite your team members and create a collaborative work environment on your help center.



Share helpful and localized content with your customers and employees. Easily create and manage multiple fully brandable knowledgebase sites from a single account/login.

English and Spanish

Full Help desk talks in your customers and employees language. It currently ships with English and Spanish out-of-the-box, with more languages coming.

GET /api/v1/accounts/1/conversations
    "data": [
            "id": 18,
            "mailbox_id": 1,
            "user_id": 1,
            "number": 18,
            "status": "posted",
            "subject": "How to use emojis on conversations? \ud83d\ude03",
            "preview": "Hi Dylan!\nTo insert emojis on conversation ...",
            "realtime_channel": "account.1.conversation.18",
            "updated_at": "2019-05-05T21:30:54+00:00",
            "created_at": "2019-05-05T21:28:49+00:00",
            "customer": { ... },
            "user": {
                "id": 1,
                "name": "Jane Doe",
                "initials": "JD",
                "is_me": true,
                "avatar": null
            "unread_count": 1
        { ... }


An API that allows you to integrate all your existing systems with Full Help desk. It's the same API that powers the help desk's dashboard, anything available through the UI is available programmatically. It also comes with a built-in OAuth server.

Buy it now at $ 149 and optionally renew on July 22, 2020 at $89.00

Simple pricing. All features.

Our pricing includes all features and all upgrades for a year. Once the year has passed, you will still receive updates for bug fixes and small enhancements. License renewals are optional and allow you to get the latest new features released.

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Grow without limits

Don't let your success and grow also increase your operating costs. While SaaS-based alternatives have their advantage, the pricing model doesn't always fit small business owners and freelancers. Cost isn't the most important factor when deciding for a business tool, but it's not something that should be ignored. If you are considering tools that provide the same value, the obvious route is the one that costs less.

Our Full Help help desk software has all the functionalities you need to start your own help desk center, managed by you.

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