Create a Contact Form

A contact form is an essential and crucial tool on any website, especially when dealing with products, services, and customers in general. Learn how to create a contact form, easily, without too much coding using our contact center software as the backend tool.

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Just saying

Don't bother creating backend code anymore

ContactJS is a small tool we have created that converts forms submissions into Full Help conversations that you can manage and reply directly from your help desk software.

Quick and Easy

Just create a vanilla HTML form, then integrate it by dropping in ContactJS.

Full Control & Flexbility

You are in control of your form structure, layout, and styling.

Better privacy

The submissions are directly sent to your help desk using its API.

How it is done

Step 1

Create your form

Create a form with all the appropriate fields used by the help desk software.

Step 2

Add ContactJS

Add the ContactJS library just before </body> closing tag and configure it with your help desk's parameters.

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Better manage your customer conversations and support history, in a single easy to use platform — hosted on your own server.

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